About ACS

Abe Construction Services, Inc. (ACS) is a deep foundation testing, monitoring, and consulting firm that was founded in northern California in 2002 that services clients throughout the western United States, including both northern and southern California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

ACS specializes in a broad range of testing and analysis services including integrity testing for cast in drilled holes or drilled shaft piles utilizing testing methods of Gamma Gamma Logging (GGL) (CT233), Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) (ASTM 6760), and Pile Integrity Testing (PIT). Dynamic pile testing is performed using a pile driving analyzer with strain and accelerometer sensors that can be fitted onto a variety of different pile types such as concrete, steel and woodpiles. ACS Inc. also provides remote vibration monitoring on numerous construction activities, hydro-acoustic testing, calibration testing and more.

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