Drop Hammer Tests

ACS, Inc. provides dynamic pile testing services with a proprietary drop hammer available for rental.

Drop hammer tests are a cheap and quick alternative to static load tests to determine pile capacities. Using a drop hammer along with the proven technology of the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA), piles can be tested at a fraction of the cost.

Our self contained drop hammer includes a ram with variable weights between 11,000 lbs and 19,000 lbs, a hydraulic winch to easily lift the ram, and a manually operated quick release hook.

Below is is a picture of the hydraulic winch:

Drop hammer testing can be performed on:

  • Driven Piles Including (Steel, Concrete, and Timber Piles).
  • Auger-cast Piles
  • CISS Piles
  • FunDex Piles
  • Drilled CIDH piles


Drop Hammer testing for piles uses the same methods as dynamic pile testing. Sensors are attached directly to each pile and relay information which can be used to determine pile and soil properties.

Installing sensors is quick and easy, and for CISS and FunDex piles. the testing can be performed before the pile is filled with concrete. For auger cast and CIDH piles, the pile tops must extend above ground and the sensors must be attached to the poured concrete.

ACS performs dynamic testing according to the ASTM D4945 test standard using dynamic test equipment and analysis software manufactured by Pile Dynamics, Inc.


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