Tomographic Analysis of Cross-Hole Sonic Logging

Tomographic side view of pier

In addition to the standard Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) plots and reports, ACS offers the option for 3-D tomographic imaging of the pile. This software utilizes the profiles collected by the CSL to provide additional imaging of the piles cross-section. The tomography results include a calculation of the effective area at each depth; the percentage of the pile area not affected by anomalous material. 3-D tomography imaging is especially useful when mitigation of piles is required.

Clients will receive easy to understand cross-sectional slices of the pile at depths of interest or concern to gain a better understanding of an anomaly’s size and shape.

Pile cross-sections

For a PDF of typical Tomographic Analysis results, please click here

For ACS’s information brochure about CSL and Tomography, please click here