Vibration Monitoring

ACS provides simple and easy to use vibration monitoring services for construction and pile driving projects as well as bridge and structural monitoring. Equipment allows sample rates of up to 65 kHz.

Monitor Options

ACS provides both On-Site Active monitoring and Remote Monitoring. On-Site involves a qualified technician who handles and operates the monitors as needed and is perfect for short term jobs such as pile driving.

For long term jobs, remote monitors can be rented for extended periods of time for a flat monthly fee. Each monitor features  Auto Call Home for  automatic reporting.  This allows non-stop monitoring with zero dead time. Customers can have the monitors professionally installed or can choose to do it themselves with instructions provided.

These monitors come in two types of cases. The first are small portable waterproof cases that are usually used for short term projects or inside buildings where space is an issue. The second type are large, secure metal cases, which are tamper and weather resistant and perfect for long term outside jobs. Each monitor can be powered using either solar panels or an A/C power supply and each monitor can be outfitted with an audible alarm and strobe lights to provide instant notification of vibration exceedance.

Below are the two types of setups available for rental:

A heavy duty steel box equipped with solar panels.

A small, portable, waterproof box equipped with solar panel.

Automatic Reporting

The auto call home feature for remote monitoring automatically sends out an email with the maximum levels registered in a set time interval along with a PDF report from the same interval. Shown below is an example of a plot from a typical vibration report using the versatile Auto Call Home Feature.

Sample Vibration Monitoring Event Report Plot:

Vibration Monitoring Sample Report

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Click here for a copy of ACS’ vibration monitoring flyer.