Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP)

Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) is a software program that uses the force and velocity data obtained from the Pile Driving Analyzer to estimate shaft and end bearing capacity of the tested pile.  It is also utilized to estimate the resistance distribution along the shaft and toe of the pile.

CAPWAP analysis is typically performed for data obtained from the restrike of pile, after the soil surrounding the pile has had time to set-up to maximum capacity. However, It can be performed at the end of initial driving in order to provide points of comparison. It can also be used to analyze data from single blow drives, such as those provided by drop hammer tests or tests for non driven piles such as auger cast.

Shown below are typical results of a CAPWAP analysis.

CAPWAP Sample PlotClick here for a PDF version of the CAPWAP plot