Dynamic Pile Analysis (PDA)

ACS provides dynamic testing for pile driving routinely required to ensure pile capacity and monitor driving stresses.

Stress Monitoring and Pile Integrity

Pile dynamic analysis involves attaching sensors directly to the pile. These sensors are read and recorded during the driving and this data is used to ensure the integrity of the pile by monitoring the stresses to which the pile is subjected. Stress and integrity monitoring is mainly used during the initial and re-strike driving of typical driven piles, including steel H-piles, steel pipe piles, and concrete piles. This allows engineers and pile drivers to have immediate information regarding the pile.

Pile Capacity and Drop Hammer Testing

The recorded data can then be analyzed to provide a rough estimate of the pile capacity or be separately examined by the CAPWAP program. The program analyzes all of the data recorded during pile driving to provide accurate estimates of the load capacities of the pile. This can be performed for initial driving of conventionally driven piles, re-strike driving of conventional driven and vibration placed piles,  and also for High Strain Dynamic Drop Hammer testing for a variety of other piles such as CISS piles, Auger Cast piles, and FunDex piles. ACS has its own proprietary drop hammer available for rental for use in conjunction with dynamic testing.

For more information on Dynamic Pile Analysis and its options, please click on a link below:

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High Strain Dynamic (Single Drop Hammer)